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UW Project on Madison LGBT Community Unveiled (4/10/12)

Troy Reeves would like to announce the launch of the fifth Campus Voices project, Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960's to Present, at http://go.wisc.edu/pi5pa5 (Or, visit http://archives.library.wisc.edu/oral-history/CampusVoices/LGBT/index.html)

This project would not have happened without a grant from the New Harvest Foundation.

Please check out this web presentation and forward to anyone that might be interested. As with all of the Campus Voices projects, comments can be directed to treeves@library.wisc.edu.


New Documentary on Buffalo Trace Distillery (5/2/11)

The Nunn Center's documentary The Quest for the Perfect Bourbon: Voices of Buffalo Trace Distillery premiered at the historic Grand Theatre in Frankfort, Kentucky on Thursday, March 31st.  The Quest for the Perfect Bourbon: Voices of Buffalo Trace Distillery, a documentary directed by Joanna Hay, will complement the website featuring online interviews with the people involved with the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  The documentary will air on Kentucky Educational Television this summer and will also be available for online viewing as well.

Studs Terkel Remembers Haymarket (5/2/11)

In recognition of May Day, Al Stein has passed along the following video clip:

At Haymarket Square in 1996, Studs Terkel remembers the activists who won American workers the right to the eight hour day. The video is an excerpt from "Rocking the Boat," a documentary on the labor movement produced by John de Graaf, Mirko Popadic, and Alan Harris Stein.



Oklahoma Oral History Research Program Unveils State Women's Hall of Fame Oral History Project Site (2/22/11)

The Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame Oral History Project website will be publicly debuted at 11:15 a.m., Feb. 24, in the Blue Room on the second floor of the State Capitol. The project will be presented in conjunction with the annual Kate Barnard Award Luncheon.

The oral history project aims to preserve the experiences and accomplishments of inductees to the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame. These women have served as pioneers in their fields, made significant contributions to the State of Oklahoma and publicly advocated for issues important to women. The website features a photo and short biography of all the inductees since 1982, including interviews with 28 of the notable women, with more to be added to the site in the future.

“In many respects, these women have served as the 'firsts' in their field, opened doors, and blazed trails,” Assistant Professor Juliana Nykolaiszyn said.From humble beginnings, most of these women overcame obstacles to pave the way for generations to come, and their stories are a reflection of that.”

The website will serve as a platform to educate, inspire and showcase great Oklahoma women and their powerful stories. Even though not all the women are Oklahoma natives, their actions have still made a difference in the lives of others.

Of the 104 inductees, 63 are still living. Notable inductees include Angie Debo, Betty Boyd, current Governor Mary Fallin and OU Women’s Head Basketball Coach Sherri Coale.

The Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame is a project of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program (OOHRP). Formally established in 2007, the OOHRP at the OSU Library has collected and preserved firsthand accounts from individuals who have played a part in Oklahoma’s history. The Program explores the lives and contributions of Oklahomans from all walks of life. To learn more about the OOHRP call 405-744-7685, email liboh@okstate.edu, or visit http://www.library.okstate.edu/oralhistory/.

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